Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Conservation and Restoration Project of Kuala Kedah Fort, Malaysia in 2000

Source: Jabatan Muzium dan Antikuiti Malaysia

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Anonymous said...

I noticed that in many parts of Pahang, building of heritage importance and value. These buildings however, are in the state of neglect and in poor condition to the point of dilapidation.It seems that one one care about these buildings and the local authorities are also not concern about the future of these buildings.I was in Kuala Lipis recently and I notice that many historical buildings are in a sorry state.There is so more potential to put these building to their former glory to be appreciated by the present and future generations.I hope your expertise will trigger local authorities interest and commitment to see these building in the deeper context of conservation and historical values.
HJ AMIR 019-2215674