Friday, June 01, 2007

Lukisan Terukur Rumah Melayu Tradisional di Malaysia

Peta Lokasi Reka Bentuk Seni Bina

Rumah Bumbung Panjang Johor

Rumah Bumbung Panjang Kedah

Rumah Bumbung Panjang Kelantan

Rumah Bumbung Panjang Melaka

Rumah Bumbung Panjang Negeri Sembilan

Rumah Bumbung Panjang Pahang

Rumah Bumbung Panjang Perak

Rumah Bumbung Panjang Perlis

Rumah Bumbung Panjang Pulau Pinang

Rumah Bumbung Panjang Selangor

Rumah Limas Terengganu

Rumah Panjang Iban Sarawak

Rumah Tradisional Khadazan Sabah

Source: Taman Mini Malaysia


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Kamarul Syahril Kamal,

I looked at your website. Very interesting. I really loved the pictures of
the old bulding in Johor. Are there many places such as that can be

Do you know where I can find plans and drawings of malay traditional
(kampong) houses?
Are you aware of anyone in Malaysia who still construct them?

thank you and best regards,
Paolo Nalin
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Anonymous said...

Tahniah! imformasi yang sangat berguna untuk projek saya...TQ

fardhly joll said...

i would like to more details about rumah bumbung panjang in malaysia. Can you send the information about it to my email.


Richard Nelson Sokial said...


Sorry for being nitpicky but the 'Khadazan Sabah' house is actually the traditional house of the Dusun Lotud of Tuaran, Sabah. It is called a Lamin Kopio and the spatial arrangement of the house is based on the animist spritual beliefs of the native community. Each space represents a social boundary that separates guests from the private living areas of the occupants.

And Khadazan is actually spelt as Kadazan. I know, it sounds trivial but imagine if Malay was misspelt as Maley. Tak best, kan?

Overall, this is an interesting website. I like the illustrations of the various Malay traditional houses. Keep up the good work. Cheers! :)

Richard N.
Kota Kinabalu

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Mechatech Enterprise said...

rasenye rumah melaka dgn negeri 9 tu terbalik...bukan tangga batu tu melaka ke?